Max Rave Clothing

Max rave clothing is the rage these days! Rave fashion is the best way to define and showcase the real you. With rave clothing you can actually wear clothes that depict your true persona right from the way you talk, walk, think or act to your favorite pastimes and passions.

You're a true raver when you don't think about what others want you to wear…you think about what you want to wear that makes a statement about you. So what if you are wearing some bright pink pants with a green tank top? If you like to be on the extreme and the outfit defines you, then that’s what is important. The idea of rave clothing is to proclaim your true self to the world! Rave fashion is more like your true uniform that tells the world who YOU really are! Max rave clothing is all about shunning all the pretences and masks and just letting the music flow!

If you like what you see but are afraid of what others will think because you don't wear a specific style or brand, or if you are new to the world of rave fashion…then consider these things.

  1. Rave clothing does not confirm to any particular brand or style. It is entirely dependent on your choice and what mood you are in. So if you feel that some vintage bed sheets or a fluorescent loud green skirt would define your mood at the moment, and then go for it! If you feel denim is what you like then put on some dark denim and groove to the music all night! Rave fashion is all about banishing the stereotypes associated with fashion.
  2. Ravers generally dance for hours. Therefore they need shoes which are comfortable and do not cause problems for your feet. So shun the high heels and the fancy boots and step into some cool flip flops or tennis shoes. After all it’s all about dancing the night away!
  3. Halter-tops and peasant tops are also quite cool as far as raves are concerned. Long flowing skirts teemed with peasant tops depict you as a person who goes with the flow and does not care about any kind of boundaries. IF you like miniskirts, then you can try a short contemporary top with it and look every inch the ultra modern babe you are!
  4. Since raves are all about blending fashion with music, loud colors are the order of the day. The flashier or brighter they are, the better. You can even wear neon or glow in dark clothing or accessories since they will look good under the flashing lights! You can even be a tad artistic and paint your ordinary clothes with some glitter glue and fabric paint if you want!
  5. If the venue of the rave is outdoors then you can wear some vinyl articles as well as most of times outdoor raves tend to be muddy or have a foam pit. To brave the cold you can team up your outfit with some coat or jacket that matches your look.
  6. As far as the guys are concerned, jeans, shorts, and toga...whatever you want it is the right choice for you! You can wear jeans with some bright colors, patterns or even paint them your self. After all it’s all about self-expression!

Rave it up and be who you are, it's all about self-expression and you can be and do whatever you want!